Foxes Playing

If your interested in buying this piece check it out in my store.

This is a 5×7 matted watercolor of two foxes playing. This was so much fun to paint. I loved the colors and contrasts in this painting. I was a little worried about how it was going to turn out, only because this was my fist animal watercolor. But, I have to say I love it; it looks great.

foxes playings

It was a lot of fun to paint and I really liked playing with the colors.


Another week with a missed blog

weschester event 3

I missed you guys again last week! I am so sorry I have been really busy and here is why, drum roll…… I am excited to share that I have started attending vendor events. Make sure that you guys check out my events tab and Facebook page to see where I will be next. I am going to be booked at venues almost every weekend from now till Christmas.

Last weekend was the my kick off and it was amazing. The host was super sweet and she gave me a huge space, an entire stage if I wanted! How cool was that? So, my wonderful boyfriend/photographer took pictures and I wanted to share them.

Of course this was the first painting to go! I think just about everyone there loved it. It was a piece that was also enjoyed at home. However, now I have more space for my new projects.

My personal Fairy Garden was a great attraction; it drew a lot of people to my table. I sold several pieces and the kids got a kick out of it!

As I told you the host let me have a stage, but I displayed my bigger paintings on stands on top of the stage and used the stairs to display the little ones. It worked out so perfect, I am really going to need to be creative at my next event.

It was so cool getting to interact with people who enjoyed my art and talking to people about my work. I did have some down time to just sit and relax, taking in the moment was a beautiful thing for me.

In total I sold two paintings and five fairy items. However the host asked if she could commission a piece, which is almost done; later that night she contacted me and decided to buy another painting!

Now, I did jilt you on a blog last week, so to make up for that Friday you will have not one, but two blogs this week, or will it be three???

Remember I am going to be at several locations over the next month. Check me out on Facebook to see my events, or click the event tab. Also follow me on Instagram I post almost daily there. Till Next time and as always, thanks for taking the time to check out my blog.

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Willow Oak Farm

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We are proud to announce that Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm is our new vendor. Willow Oaks is located off of Telegraph RD in Severn.  It’s easy to miss so keep an eye out for the sign!   Willow Oak is 40 acres of gardens, forests, animals, nooks to rest, and a lovely gift shop.  Maria the owner had the land protected by the state of Maryland and it is considered one of the gems of the Chesapeake!  They hold many events and activities on the premises, such has classes, festive activities, catered teas, and private events.

Through out the gardens you can find little cottages, gazebos, and even a small castle structure.  Some of the structures have stored items like the castle, other’s have themes like Peter Rabbits house;  no matter the purpose of the structure they are enjoyable to look at and your kids will get a kick out of them.  You can host an event in the one of the lovely gazebos, the cabin with the porch, or on the veranda overlooking the lake.   They host private events such as birthdays, weddings, bridal, and baby showers.  They also have catered teas and special teas like a Mother’s day tea.  They have a fall festival and a Christmas celebration which will be taking place in the next few weeks.  They also offer an arrangement of class on gardening, drying flowers, and what you can do with your herbs.

Maria has integrated her gardens with the forest.  She has really made this a tranquil place for people to come enjoy the beauty of nature. She even has a lake!

Maria has done an excellent job at creating small nooks to rest in throughout her gardens.

One of the things I really liked about Willow Oak was that they love fairies as much as I do, and have several gardens dedicated to just fairies.  They even said that they use the concept of fairies in the garden as a way of teaching kids to not walk on the flowers!  How genius was that!!!!!

Maria made this little garden in her gift shop, which is two floors full of unique, whimsical, and fantastic items.  Be sure to check out the gift shop to find me items along with all the other lovely things, and it smells amazing.

I’ll be honest,  we took over a hundred pictures of this fabulous establishment and it’s gardens. I picked a few of my favorites, but you are missing so much!   Like the goat, horse, birds, cat, Mr. McGregor’s garden, several other gardens, awesome merchandise, and flowers.  Willow Oak Farm isn’t just a beautiful place to visit, the staff and owner are wonderful.  Maria is so sweet and everyone there is so lovely and helpful.  It’s worth a visit to just look at the gardens.

Aquatic Sculpture (sold)

I started messing around with polymer clay a few months ago. It started with little fairies and over time evolved into whatever I could think of.

When I started this piece I wasn’t sure what I was going to make, but then I saw a reflection of a candle through my fish tank as my betta was swimming. I was inspired.

After cleaning the glass and picking my clay colors; I laid them onto the glass and connected them. Shaped the clay and began sculpting it. Once everything was done, I picked the pigments I wanted to color the clay with, applied the stones, and baked the item. I am so happy with the end result!

This piece is full of beautiful colors, unique style, and functionality. When people see it, they immediately get the aquatic feel. Currently it has a home on my display shelf, till it finds a new home.

Cow’s Skull


This was another one of my paintings from my college course. This painting took two sections, which was roughly 6 hours. I didn’t completely finish the painting, but I am very happy with the end result. My professor’s only critique was to change the color of the background. He felt it was too bright for the painting’s mood. I thought this was a dark subject and I wanted something to lighten the mood. I am very drawn to the color blue; it makes me feel happy.

I had a hard time with the flowers; I wanted to add details before I was done outlining the rest of the painting. My professor cautioned against this, explaining that by doing that I would disproportion my painting and would spend a lot of time fixing mistakes. He suggested moving around the canvas, outlining, filling raw shapes, building color, and then adding details, till it was finished. I worked in that progression until I started laying colors in the skull.

The skull was coming along so perfectly that I couldn’t stop. I thought the skull would be a challenge, but it wasn’t. I really enjoyed painting it. It became my favorite part of the painting. I spent so much time on it, I didn’t get to finish the flowers, but I felt comfortable with the trade.

When Finales came we made individual times with the teacher to review our work, receive grades, and finale comments. He asked me what’s your favorite thing about the painting, I said hands down the skull, and he agreed that I killed it. He asked me how I felt about the flowers and I told him I felt they were incomplete and explained I had spent too much time on the skull, but I was comfortable with the choice that I made. He told me that even with the raw color of the flowers he accepted the painting as complete and would give me an A. He said that his one complaint was that he couldn’t stand the background and still suggested that I change it.

I really liked the background, so I have left it. The skull is still my favorite part, and I even though I don’t love the flowers, I don’t hate them; it was a trade off. If I were to do this painting over I would still make the same choice. What I liked most about this painting was the confidence it built in me, because I didn’t think I was capable of doing that skull at all.