The Girl in Pencil


This was one of my first colored pencil drawing.  I spent my 16 birthday overseas and my Uncle Jimmy gave me a very nice set of colored pencil set to take with me.  He knew how much I enjoyed art and thought I would enjoy sketching with them.  At that point I didn’t know anything about colored pencils and when I attempted to use them I quickly decided they were not for me.  almost a decade later I decided to try my had at actually create something that didn’t look like my two-year old’s drawings.  After watching a few tutorials online this was the outcome.  I know improvement is needed, but not a bad first attempt.


Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.42.27 PMIMG_7105

I love fabric as a subject.  I think the flow and depth is incredibly beautiful.  I had done fabric in other still-lifes, but I had never done fabric as the subject.  When the instructor told the class this is what we would be doing I was excited, at that point I did not realize how difficult this drawing was going to be.  I started it over and over again, mainly because I did not know where to begin.  I found that doing fabric for the background is quite different from doing it as the subject.  This project was one of the most challenging I have done, but it also taught me so much.  I would encourage anyone who really wants to take their drawing skills to a new level to work with fabric.  So much can be learned from this subject and the possibilities are endless.  I am very happy with this drawing, but I made two noticeable mistakes that really stand out of me.  It took me a while to embrace them, can you find them?

Still life


I found this piece to be one of the more difficult drawings done in drawing 101.  There was no background for this still life, leaving the background open for students to have different views.  The objective here was to learn how to reflect light and shadows.  It amazes me that so many different values can still be achieved with only one pencil.