Styrofoam Painting

If you read the about me section, you know that I have loved art since I was young.  As an adolescent I took some art classes from different art instructors.  Generally we did what I considered kiddy stuff, but eventually we did a project I got excited about, till the empty egg cartons and carry out food containers got put on the table.  I thought this is lame, we finally get to paint something and it’s trash.  I didn’t realize at that time that this was a great exercise, because styrofoam as a lot to teach an artist.  Light highlights it, shadows are easier to see and it is a lot of fun to do.  This was my first real painting and I Was about 11 or 12 when I did it.   Looking at is now I can see all the flaws and issues it had, but at that time I was so proud.  IMG_7096

The Octopus


This is a watercolor of an octopus. I really love drawing and painting them, I find them to be very interesting creatures and subject matter.  I used watercolor pencil and palette for this painting.  This created a nice texture and dimension, more over the combination gave me more control over the subject.  This is one of my favorite watercolors as of right now.  I am very pleased with the finished product.



In each medium I have a favorite subject, and in some mediums I develop a few favorites over time.  For watercolors I really love balloons, they are just so much fun to make.  As odd as it may sound balloons have so many options and possibilities.  Both of these paintings were actually done with watercolor pencils.  Watercolor pencils give a nice clean outline, and really help with tone and blending. I went over the balloons with my actual pallet for the balloons on the right, however the balloons on the left are only the pencils.  The right side is my favorite out of these two, but I have a small watercolor which I will be posting sometime this month.  I think that painting is amazing.


This is Lily, my father’s Pomeranian.  Several months ago I was showing him my latest landscape, and he wondered if I could do a portrait of her.   I have never done a dog before in any medium and wasn’t sure how it would turn out.  After he left I decided that her portrait would be a perfect birthday and father’s day gift.  Through the process of this painting my daughter and boyfriend cracked up laughing numerous times, eventually they both said it was really cute, I thought I was done.  I sent the picture to my friend in Spain and she thought it was my dog, since the family canine is a Shiba Inu, I knew I needed to do more work.  Friday night I was finally happy with the portrait.   I was really worried about giving it to my dad, because I didn’t know if he was going to like it.  However, I have never seen my dad that happy with any gift I have given him.  I think my first dog portrait was a success and I can’t wait to see it in his new home.

Winter night

I wanted to create an abstract painting.  I Watered down my paint and sloshed it all over the canvas.   It was dripping wet and took a while to dry.  In the end, I hated it, but quickly realized I had not ruined a canvas, but created a gorgeous background.  I wanted the woods to feel real, like if you touched the bark it would feel rough.  In the end, I was only too happy with my work!

Watercolor nude

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.44.27 PM

This is one of my first watercolors.  For a long time I was hesitant to use them, because I didn’t really know what I was doing.  This was maybe my fourth or fifth painting, and I really feel like I did a good job with it. Most of my watercolors I have been created from my imagination. I very pleased with the way her hair and body turned out.  I also feel like she is really resting on the blanket.  I feel like there is depth to this painting.