A Newer Piece

snowy forest
When I started this painting I intended it to have color, however, it’s funny how art conforms the artist rather than the artist conforming the art. I like this style of painting for forests, because it builds a very real depth and feel to it, almost as if you could walk through and feel it.

This painting began the same way most of my paintings do; with two colors black and white. I build depth by blending white and black to create a very light gray, which is almost white, adding little trees in the far distance, and with each layer of new forest the trees and forestry get darker and larger. Once I reach the closest part of the forest I use black to finish. When I add a tree to up and then I pull the base out with a dry clean brush. I do this so that I get shadows. Once I am happy with my forest, it’s foliage, and shadows I let the painting dry. Generally, I choose a color or colors to mix with a medium and lay it over the forest I have created, but this paint was so perfect I couldn’t add anything more to it. I went to bed and my partner the next morning told me not to touch it again, because I was going to ruin it. This is also the first painting I have ever sold, I am extremely proud of it!


Foxes Playing

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This is a 5×7 matted watercolor of two foxes playing. This was so much fun to paint. I loved the colors and contrasts in this painting. I was a little worried about how it was going to turn out, only because this was my fist animal watercolor. But, I have to say I love it; it looks great.

foxes playings

It was a lot of fun to paint and I really liked playing with the colors.

Cow’s Skull


This was another one of my paintings from my college course. This painting took two sections, which was roughly 6 hours. I didn’t completely finish the painting, but I am very happy with the end result. My professor’s only critique was to change the color of the background. He felt it was too bright for the painting’s mood. I thought this was a dark subject and I wanted something to lighten the mood. I am very drawn to the color blue; it makes me feel happy.

I had a hard time with the flowers; I wanted to add details before I was done outlining the rest of the painting. My professor cautioned against this, explaining that by doing that I would disproportion my painting and would spend a lot of time fixing mistakes. He suggested moving around the canvas, outlining, filling raw shapes, building color, and then adding details, till it was finished. I worked in that progression until I started laying colors in the skull.

The skull was coming along so perfectly that I couldn’t stop. I thought the skull would be a challenge, but it wasn’t. I really enjoyed painting it. It became my favorite part of the painting. I spent so much time on it, I didn’t get to finish the flowers, but I felt comfortable with the trade.

When Finales came we made individual times with the teacher to review our work, receive grades, and finale comments. He asked me what’s your favorite thing about the painting, I said hands down the skull, and he agreed that I killed it. He asked me how I felt about the flowers and I told him I felt they were incomplete and explained I had spent too much time on the skull, but I was comfortable with the choice that I made. He told me that even with the raw color of the flowers he accepted the painting as complete and would give me an A. He said that his one complaint was that he couldn’t stand the background and still suggested that I change it.

I really liked the background, so I have left it. The skull is still my favorite part, and I even though I don’t love the flowers, I don’t hate them; it was a trade off. If I were to do this painting over I would still make the same choice. What I liked most about this painting was the confidence it built in me, because I didn’t think I was capable of doing that skull at all.


Watercolor flower

I wanted to try some abstract painting with watercolors. I like art that challenges our thought process. With a lot of my art you really have to stand back and look at it to see what the object actually is. It just doesn’t take form being close. I also like to focus on odd angles of whatever object is my inspiration. I taped off parts of the paper so that the painting didn’t cover the entire page. This painting didn’t turn out as well as I wanted. when I was finished I really liked how the petals had turned out, and I wished at that point that I hadn’t taped anything off, but rather let it run off the paper. However, someone brought up an excellent point that I may have really disliked the painting had I done that, maybe the distance between the sections is what brought the petals out so well. I guess we will never know!

Steel and glass still-life


This is another piece from painting 101. I told you in fruits and bottles, that I didn’t get it. How to create the feel of a physical reality in a painting, understanding how the colors worked, and correct color to give the painting the proper feel. This painting came right after fruits and bottles. As I said in my fruit and bottle blog at the end it clicked for me and you can see that here. It’s not perfect, but the progress I made was tremendous. This photo really doesn’t give some of the colors and hues justice. I ran out of time painting this, and I never finished it, because it’s not canvas, but maybe one day I will make the proper adjustments and finish it. What I would need to finish would be the fruit and the bottom fold of fabric. I am very happy with rest of this painting, I would also level some of the vases, however this wasn’t an error in the portrait, they were tilted on a fold in the fabric, but it doesn’t look or feel right. I am very happy with the green bottle; I was pleased with the coloring, shading, and detail. This bottle was a shiny green glass bottle; I do wish I had been able to express that, however at that point I didn’t have the skill yet. It took me a while to figure out the glass cup, but I was told to do it last as a magnification of what was already on the canvas. I was and still am very pleased with the result. I had a hard time with the steel. It’s very reflective and I struggled with keeping the original cool feel while still adding the warm reflections, but after I figured the pot out I felt more confident. The vase presented it’s own challenge, because it reflected the bottle and cup, but the cup was transparent and projected some of the fruit and other things around it on to the vase. I think I did an amazing job at capturing all the reflections for being a beginner. The blue vase wasn’t quite that blue, but I really loved that color, and it was much easier to paint it that way. I did a really good job in adjusting the reflections to complement the pot and vase. I love the fabric folds in the drapery. The color I choose presents a very real presence for me in the painting. Although, this painting is a vast improvement from fruits and bottles, it could still use some more work. This painting is larger then fruits and bottles. It’s about 4x the size and at this point it was the largest painting I had done. It took several weeks to complete, and although it’s not really complete I am still happy with it.

Fruit and Bottles


This was my second acrylic painting.  Although, I do not consider it to be complete with my current standards, I was thrilled with it when I “thought” it was completed.  This painting was an excellent learning lesson for me.

I say my current standards; as everything we do in life will progress through time.  When I look at this painting compared to my more recent ones I feel slightly ashamed of it, as if a child painted it.  However, when I painted this 5 years ago I felt like it was the most amazing thing I had ever done, but I feel that every creation should inspire that feeling in it’s creator.  I painted this in my painting 101 courses and I had a difficult time with it.  It was during this painting that I felt I was not meant to paint, but to draw.  It took forever to figure out the blending, mixing of colors, contrast, light, and depth.  Looking at it now, I clearly see I still had not figured it out!  This was my first full color painting.  I was excited about the blue bottle, because blue is my favorite color and it was aesthetically pleasing.  I use a great deal of blue in my paintings now, as it makes me feel peaceful and secure.  I was not that excited about the fruit.  I liked the red apple, I do enjoy eating them, but I had no interest in the green apple or mango and I found the scull candle to be distasteful. When I paint now, I find things that I enjoy, colors I like, and subjects that I am interested in.  However, when you are taking a class you do not have those luxuries, you need to do what you are instructed.  I did not understand about color reflection in objects and I spent a vast majority of the class trying to create a deeper shade of blue.  I did not know how to create depth in the white pitcher that turned blue; I did not know how to paint the blue reflection from the blue bottle.  I did not blend the mango colors correctly and I tried to hide the scull candle.  I choose a poor color for the shadowing, due to the fact I couldn’t turn the paint black to save my life! The background is uneven and full of brush strokes.  However, with it’s multitude of sins, I loved the apples, I felt like they were perfect, for me that’s when it all started to click.  When I painted the apples it all just came together and I understood what I was supposed to be doing, even now looking at this painting, all I see are the apples.  Every now and again I look back at this painting to remind myself of how far I have come and that I will continue to improve if I work hard and be diligent.  Maybe one day I will go in and edit out this painting’s errors, but for now until another piece inspires me to do better the way this one does, it will stay as it.


Styrofoam Painting

If you read the about me section, you know that I have loved art since I was young.  As an adolescent I took some art classes from different art instructors.  Generally we did what I considered kiddy stuff, but eventually we did a project I got excited about, till the empty egg cartons and carry out food containers got put on the table.  I thought this is lame, we finally get to paint something and it’s trash.  I didn’t realize at that time that this was a great exercise, because styrofoam as a lot to teach an artist.  Light highlights it, shadows are easier to see and it is a lot of fun to do.  This was my first real painting and I Was about 11 or 12 when I did it.   Looking at is now I can see all the flaws and issues it had, but at that time I was so proud.  IMG_7096