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Painting on water


Fruit and Bottles


This was my second acrylic painting.  Although, I do not consider it to be complete with my current standards, I was thrilled with it when I “thought” it was completed.  This painting was an excellent learning lesson for me.

I say my current standards; as everything we do in life will progress through time.  When I look at this painting compared to my more recent ones I feel slightly ashamed of it, as if a child painted it.  However, when I painted this 5 years ago I felt like it was the most amazing thing I had ever done, but I feel that every creation should inspire that feeling in it’s creator.  I painted this in my painting 101 courses and I had a difficult time with it.  It was during this painting that I felt I was not meant to paint, but to draw.  It took forever to figure out the blending, mixing of colors, contrast, light, and depth.  Looking at it now, I clearly see I still had not figured it out!  This was my first full color painting.  I was excited about the blue bottle, because blue is my favorite color and it was aesthetically pleasing.  I use a great deal of blue in my paintings now, as it makes me feel peaceful and secure.  I was not that excited about the fruit.  I liked the red apple, I do enjoy eating them, but I had no interest in the green apple or mango and I found the scull candle to be distasteful. When I paint now, I find things that I enjoy, colors I like, and subjects that I am interested in.  However, when you are taking a class you do not have those luxuries, you need to do what you are instructed.  I did not understand about color reflection in objects and I spent a vast majority of the class trying to create a deeper shade of blue.  I did not know how to create depth in the white pitcher that turned blue; I did not know how to paint the blue reflection from the blue bottle.  I did not blend the mango colors correctly and I tried to hide the scull candle.  I choose a poor color for the shadowing, due to the fact I couldn’t turn the paint black to save my life! The background is uneven and full of brush strokes.  However, with it’s multitude of sins, I loved the apples, I felt like they were perfect, for me that’s when it all started to click.  When I painted the apples it all just came together and I understood what I was supposed to be doing, even now looking at this painting, all I see are the apples.  Every now and again I look back at this painting to remind myself of how far I have come and that I will continue to improve if I work hard and be diligent.  Maybe one day I will go in and edit out this painting’s errors, but for now until another piece inspires me to do better the way this one does, it will stay as it.


Texture Drawing

IMG_7106This was the midterm drawing assignment for my Drawing 101 class.  The first part was to cut out a 12×12 board and hot glue random stuff to it. Over lap it, layer it, tare things apart on it, just fill it were the instructions, so I did.  I found all kinds of cool stuff to place on the board and it seemed like every time I turned around something new and cool appeared.  The next class couldn’t have been easier, we measure out 16,  4×4 squares.  I thought this was going to be a walk in the park till our teacher told us that we would be using a magnifying glass over the next three weeks to draw textures from the board, yes I did say texture!  her words were and I quote ” I want to be able to feel like I could physically touch the drawing and feel it”.  This was the hardest drawing I ever did and I swore I would never do it again……till I did, but that is another blog.  Let me know if you can figure out what is in each square.

Styrofoam Painting

If you read the about me section, you know that I have loved art since I was young.  As an adolescent I took some art classes from different art instructors.  Generally we did what I considered kiddy stuff, but eventually we did a project I got excited about, till the empty egg cartons and carry out food containers got put on the table.  I thought this is lame, we finally get to paint something and it’s trash.  I didn’t realize at that time that this was a great exercise, because styrofoam as a lot to teach an artist.  Light highlights it, shadows are easier to see and it is a lot of fun to do.  This was my first real painting and I Was about 11 or 12 when I did it.   Looking at is now I can see all the flaws and issues it had, but at that time I was so proud.  IMG_7096

The Girl in Pencil


This was one of my first colored pencil drawing.  I spent my 16 birthday overseas and my Uncle Jimmy gave me a very nice set of colored pencil set to take with me.  He knew how much I enjoyed art and thought I would enjoy sketching with them.  At that point I didn’t know anything about colored pencils and when I attempted to use them I quickly decided they were not for me.  almost a decade later I decided to try my had at actually create something that didn’t look like my two-year old’s drawings.  After watching a few tutorials online this was the outcome.  I know improvement is needed, but not a bad first attempt.

The Octopus


This is a watercolor of an octopus. I really love drawing and painting them, I find them to be very interesting creatures and subject matter.  I used watercolor pencil and palette for this painting.  This created a nice texture and dimension, more over the combination gave me more control over the subject.  This is one of my favorite watercolors as of right now.  I am very pleased with the finished product.



In each medium I have a favorite subject, and in some mediums I develop a few favorites over time.  For watercolors I really love balloons, they are just so much fun to make.  As odd as it may sound balloons have so many options and possibilities.  Both of these paintings were actually done with watercolor pencils.  Watercolor pencils give a nice clean outline, and really help with tone and blending. I went over the balloons with my actual pallet for the balloons on the right, however the balloons on the left are only the pencils.  The right side is my favorite out of these two, but I have a small watercolor which I will be posting sometime this month.  I think that painting is amazing.